Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'Nomads' opens at The Red House, Sofia on 06/20 from 6:30 pm

Proud to announce:

Stanislava Georgieva 

06/20 - 07/04
 3pm - 7 pm, except weekends

Gulliver Hall 
The Red House- Center for Culture and Debate, 
15 Luben Karavelov Str. 
Sofia, Bulgaria

Reception on 06/20 6:30 pm 
The opening of the exhibitions is followed by a debate with the authors’ participation at 
7:30 p.m. with the participation of prof. Maria Popova. 

'Nomads' is presented in the   Month of Photography, which is part of the photography organization 

“Nomads” is a project portraying the everyday life of single Bulgarian men in New York. Most of these men are employed in the financial sector of Manhattan. Through the interiors  of these people everyday life is revealed  the psychological and the social side of the Bulgarian independent Bachelor abroad , as well as the immigration not as an identity , but as physical and psychological process that occurs in time from past to present. 

'The entire project is presented in diptychs, two images of the same man. Each diptych shows the passage of time. They represent immigrant life as a state of moving from one place to another, mentally and physically. Being an immigrant is not a fixed identity, it is about the process that occurs in time from the past to the present.

The fallowing text bellow is a transcript and part of the interviews with the Bulgarian Bachelors I took. In the written transcript I mix the two languages (Bulgarian and English), the same way some of them mix both languages  as their adaptation in America.  The texts are made to serve as a visual presentation in order to emphasize the concept of being an immigrant and living in between, not as a literal transcript.'

The rest of the texts and the artists statement can be seen at www.stanislavageorgieva.com 

Жоро Б. (Joro B.): The home за мен е people, с които се чувстваш комфортно. Ако е роднини и family значи това ти е домът. И вече като place е, когато си с хората, с които си comfortable. Трудно ми е да приема идеята за дом като single man. …В Bulgaria живеехме последните десетина години преди да се преместя в щатите с майка ми все renting и сменяхме квартири. За това идеята ми не е чак толкова място домът, че няма как да се привържа, че всичкото е temporary, така че за мен няма огромна разлика това дали съм immigrant or not и в Bulgaria беше пак такъв тип temporary living. Напротив, here даже е less temporary, щото тук в този apartment съм вече 2000 -2009 значи 9 years, което ми е много по-дълго от апартаментите в България. За сега съм в New York, до година може и някъде другаде. по принцип ми се ще да се преместя, но Ню Йорк е едно unique place, трудно се напуска. …И съответно така си третиран и ти се чувстваш като stranger, и неизбежно се чувстваш  outsider. но след това като дойдох вече в New York, е много трудно да се чувстваш като чужденец, защото е толкова cosmopolitan, че всички са aliens. Обикновенно реакцията ми е най-странна към хора, които са born in New York, защото те са най-редките ‘животни’ тука. Такива хора не се срещат много често. Поне в средите около мене, ясно е, че има много кореняци new yorkers, но понеже аз communicate най-вече with immigrants от различни страни. …Bulgaria в настоящето няма някаква nostalgia, защото I don’t feel като част от нея. интересна ми е като страна определено, пред очите ми е, израстнали сме през communism, след това the changes, след това the new kind of capitalism. Определено е интересно да се гледа, но като не си там, не си някаква част от тази култура и тази страна, няма такава connection да мога да кажа hey you, see, this is my home”. Immigrant е най-точното определение. Защото като кажеш имигрант това казва какъв си бил и какъв си в момента. Това е process, имигрант не е установена идентичност. Вече като си второ поколение имигрант, си с fixed identity докато тази е винаги between. …Които са с динамична идентичност, open minded. Обикновенно е интересно to communicate с някой, който има въпроси отколкото да има отговори на въпросите. …Обикновенно казвам we are all immigrants. ©

Saturday, June 11, 2011

'Frankie' is completed

Now you can watch 'Frankie' I
Directed and Written by Mike Pappa

Watch the Trailer on VIMEO 
To find out more about   'Frankie'  click here:  http://www.frankiemovie.com/ 

Still Photography by Stanislava Georgieva 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Music Has No Age

The Rhythm of Summer 

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Treasure Island
The city of Gulfport
Mexican Gulf 
Atmosphere: Fiesta 
Hormones: Oxytocin

It’s summer, people are outside, birds are singing, you can hear the ocean waves from miles hitting the shore. In the afternoon people are gathering under the shadow. Music is in the air. The air is filled with sound, smells and the light is constantly changing its colors and contrast. It’s Sunday, late afternoon and Treasure Island, FL is getting crowded. People are rushing to the beach with lot of excitement like they are going to miss something very important – The Drum Circle on dusk. As the sun is going down, everyone is waving to it for farewell. After dusk stars are filling the sky and both the ocean and beach are lit by the full moon. On the other side of town, during the hot afternoons, under the thick shadows at Gulfport, senior snowbirds are gathered by music as well, where they enjoy themselves, sing evergreens and remember their youth. Most of the songs are about love, care, happiness, and romantic relationships. Watching them singing makes you realize that love and music have no age. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



Client: Daniela Kostova 

Cosmonaut 1001 
Archival Inkjet Print, 53 x 38 in., 2011

Cosmonoaut 1001 is currently on view at  Institute for Contemporary Art, Sofia 
exhibition 'After the Flight', curator Iara Boubnova 

Archival Inkjet Print, 16 x 20 in., 2011
Text by Daniela Kostova 

This series of photographs depicts a couple of squatters in a ruined Victorian mansion. An open-air kitchen is a stage for obscure performance: pregnant woman with horns; man in a dirty morning robe and sleeping mask; old chicken bones garnishing a fine table setting. Bulgarian pagan tradition flavors this pre-apocalyptic American opera. Are these people living out a cruel fantasy with other people’s garbage? Are we witnessing choice or necessity?

Photography: Stanislava Georgieva   Design: Asen Iliev