Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene before tomorrow in Zone A

The Ghosts of Coney Island and Brighton Beach 

All the images are made between 4:30 and 7 pm on Saturday 08/27. pm.  Although,  the shore area around Coney Island and Brighton Beach looked like ghost town , there were still some residents refusing to evacuate and preferred to stay home. On the streets you would see mostly NYPD and NYFD cars.  Scared birds were flying above the beach, ships were leaving NY,  parents with kids came for sightseeing of the dark ocean, the kids were laughing, running  and playing under the rain.  Everyone was waiting  and preparing for Irene.  

Ships and Cruses are entering the Atlantic Ocean and leaving New York before Irene's arrival. 

Verizano Bridge, Staten Island, NY  before the Hurricane Irene. 

Kids playing under the rain and watching the leaving ships from NY.

Park Slope residents sightseeing the ocean before the hurricane hits it later in the next morning.

The wind is already very strong to hold the umbrella open. 

Shell - gas station is closed in Coney Island. 

before evacuation, some of the residents took care of the properties in the area. Sand bags were stocked in front of the door, blocking the upcoming flood to enter inside the building.

Coney Island is looking like ghost town...

All stores are closed , except the liqueur store next door. 

Another gas station closed. 

Coney Island converted as ghost town after the evacuation of  its residents.

Some of Coney Island's residents are still refusing evacuation. They  do assert that they will stay home and not go anywhere. 

Windows marked the same as  during the World War II 

A father with  his son are going to the grocery store for shopping. However,  excited and not going anywhere further than that. They said that are going to wait for the Hurricane Irene at home. 

All the parking meters looking like soldiers ready for action.  No cars and no people in the are of Coney Island beach. 

Only homeless people are walking around the beach area, refusing to leave and evacuated. Nothing can scare them. 

Everything is closed! 


No food and beer are served at least today and tomorrow! 

Even the most famous hot dog place got scared from Irene. 

No money, no honey!


Brighton Beach Ave , like you have never seen it before. To all the Russian residents:  You MUST evacuate! 

The pharmacy is closed too. Stay safe, dry and take care of yourself! 

Not everyone is leaving Brighton Beach Area. He says and asserts: 'I am a supervisor of the building right there, I am not going anywhere.' 

More stubborn Brighton Beach residents and homeless people refusing to evacuate and wondering outside what's going on with the weather and where everyone is. 

The Ghosts live here. 

Attention please: to all the residents of the building who belong to Zone A an evacuation is mandatory. 

Crossing the red flags is prohibited by NYC law! 

Happy Brighton Beach resident is walking on the sidewalk before it's all covered by the water later. 

Who said that was crazy crowded in the supermarkets? Not at 7 pm on Saturday. Only few people were shopping and few employees were organizing the shelves in the entire Western Beef supermarket on Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn, NY. 

Apparently, New Yorkers love sugar. 

Yes, water is on first place in the shopping list. 

Number 2 is bread on the grocery list.

Western Beef employee is still working hard after the hurricane entered in the store the day before.  He doesn't know if the store will be open on Sunday. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Black Sea Fun(d:)raiser Party for Bulgarian Artists in America

About the Event and Bulgarian Artists in America:

Bulgarian Artists in America is created by artists for artists. It supports and represents Bulgarian artists living in America as well as people interested in Bulgarian art and culture and the art itself. So far this has been done through our Art Dates – a series of social networking events and art promotions featuring Bulgarian talent in the American art scene.

After one year of activities, connecting and establishing Bulgarian Art community in America including international artists, it is time to make the leap. Black Sea Fun(d:)raiser Party is our first of its kind event where mix of international artists will contribute with their art to a legitimate establishing of BAA as a professional art organization in The United States. In order to exist, keep functioning and being active and successful, we need your support. Please, come and support BAA and its mission! Give your donation of minimum $10 at the door. In addition to it there will be artwork for sell donated by the contributing artists, plus plenty of food, happy hour and more!   
About the Contributing Artists:

Stanislava Georgieva graduated the School of Visual Arts in 2010 with BFA in Photography . She receives The 2010 New York Photo Award for Best Personal Work with her project 'Nomads' , which was recently exhibited in The Red House in Sofia, Bulgaria and it was published in Tema magazine. In the summer of 2010 Stanislava takes the self initiation to create Bulgarian artists community living in The States under the name of Bulgarian Artists in America. As art is universal and has no identity and origin, the purpose of BAA is professional connection between Bulgarian born artists and international one as well as the lock of such an organization that is needed by the society. m,, staniphotography.blogspot. com

The Shrinks is a NYC based ensemble founded by Milan Patel (sax), Dan Gollin (drums) and Iliyan Ivanov (guitar) in 2002 as the three were completing their training in psychiatry as residents at Mount Sinai Hospital. After starting as a blues and jazz-rock band and working with different musicians, the group changed course to classical jazz after the three were joined by Matt Swan (bass) and Grant Jarrett (piano) in 2006. Since then, they performed exclusively in NY expanding their repertoire from jazz standards to contemporary jazz songs. In 2007 The Shrinks accepted an invitation from the Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in NYC and started the Christmas Jazz Bash at the Bulgarian Consulate that has been running strong since then and will celebrate its 5th anniversary in December 2011.

Maria Koleva studied at the acclaimed National School for Folklore Arts in Shiroka Laka, Bulgaria. She has been singing since 10 years old and has won numerous musical awards in the traditional folk music with her great expressive singing and truly melodic and rich tone. Maria moves to The USA at the age of 16th as she was performing with Kolev Family Esemble ‘Balkan Voices’ and together with Ivan Milev’s ‘Balkan Band’ Currently, she is residing in New York and she is part of ‘Bulgarika Band’. Together they are going to be touring nationally throughout September and October For more information on the tour stay tuned with Bulgarian Artists in America.

Marc Nasdor (DJ Poodlecannon) grew up in Baltimore but has lived in New York City forever. He was a resident DJ at Mehanata Bulgarian Bar from 2006-11, scouring the planet to spin global party music. He has performed at venues around NYC, and in Baltimore, Budapest, Pécs (Hungary), Nantes (France), Mexico City and Mérida (Yucatan). http://marcnasdor.wordpres

Violeta Angelova is the only Bulgarian-American Ballerina. She is a Soloist with The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, performing principal parts in such ballets as "La Sonnambula", "Agon" et al. After dancing with a number of other companies, Violeta joined The John F. Kennedy Center’s own in order to work closely with America’s most illustrious ballerina – Suzanne Farrell. Due to travel schedules Violeta will participate in our fundraiser not with a dance, but with a couple of conceptual drawings and some images that represent her style and artistic direction. Please visit Violeta’s website at for more info, performance dates and the ballerina’s blog.

Vlada and Valentina have sung together for the better part of a year, and greatly enjoy the natural harmonic beats of their voices. To the delight and surprise of joggers and passers by, Vlada and Valia can be spotted practicing Bulgarian village and Russian Cossack songs while strolling their sons in the city parks of Brooklyn.

Vlada Tomova came to the United States from Bulgaria 15 years ago to study jazz singing at Boston's Berklee College of Music. She went on to found New York City's first Bulgarian women's choir, Yasna Voices, and scored a hit with Israeli dance group Balkan Beat Box. She tours the U.S. and Europe with her contemporary folk fusion group Balkan Tales, with kaval master Theodosii Spassov, and with world pop ensemble The Lazarus Rose. /

Valentina Kvasova is a professional dancer specializing in Russian, Cossacks, Ukrainian, and Russian Gypsy (Roma) traditional dances. She was born in Rostov-na-Donu, Cossack' s Capital of Russia, and currently lives and works in New York. Valentina is the main dancer and choreographer of Barynya, the US premiere Russian music and dance ensemble. Valentina is also a passionate and skilled singer, having grown up attending her mother's choir rehearsals with the Rostov Don Cossacks State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble. sova.htm

Maya Choi - photography

Event Photography by Usha and Vanina Tsoneva

For contact: or 646-775-1448

Thank you and Hope to see you all there and have your support

Love :)
Stanislava Georgieva - founder
Bulgarian Artists in America team

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Young Photographers Alliance Portfolio Review EXPOSE
Portfolio Reviews
Even the best raw talent needs a strong network of clients and contacts to succeed. For most aspiring photographers, developing such a network proves too hard, and ultimately they fail to launch sustainable careers as a result. Through our Portfolio Reviews, we give selected, promising, young photographers the elusive one-on-one time with leading photographers, editors and art buyers.
We are therefore delighted to launch our new Portfolio Reviews program, exclusively for YPA21 members ...

2011 Portfolio Review & Exposé – in collaboration with WIN-Initiative

  • Location: Neo Studios, Suite 401, 628 Broadway, New York, NY
  • Date: Saturday September 24, 2011
  • Review times: 10am-5pm
  • Party (tbc): 5pm-8pm
Registration will open week beginning August 1st. We invite applications from all YPA21 members. Selected applicants will be invited to a one-on-one portfolio review event in New York City on September 24, 2011. All other applicants will receive feedback on their work before the end of September 2011, and will be notified of future portfolio reviews, which we plan to hold in various cities in 2012 and beyond.
In your application you will be asked to provide ten medium resolution images (around 2 megapixels), along with links to your website(s) and a brief statement about yourself and what inspires your work. The deadline for applications will be August 21, 2011.
Please note that spaces are limited and not all applicants will be selected for a one-on-one review. Travel expenses to/from New York City must be covered by the applicant.
Look out for more events in other parts of North America throughout 2012 as we develop this new program.
We look forward to seeing your