Monday, May 31, 2010

To Be the First

'To Be The First' was the first photography project I made when  I started my education in photography. The work was inspired by a teenagers gymnastic team in New Jersey in 2005. It was a time when I was still discovering the tool of photography.  It was a project that I really enjoyed it and from which  i gained a lot of experience with working with children who I didn't know and I had to intrude in their privacy. They were happy and it was very easy to work with them at the end. With this body of work I was selected to participate in the International Photography Salon in Varna , Bulgaria in the summer of 2006. That was my first exposure as an artist in  gallery space. The work was exhibited in the Varna Gallery of Art. However , because the prints were original silver gelatin print they got damaged with mildew from the moisture from the walls since the gallery wasn't air-conditioned. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Winner of the NY Photo Award 2010 in the student categories for Best Personal Project

I am very proud to say that this contest I won by the submission of my work 'Nomads' that explores Bulgarian single men, living by themselves and working mostly in the financial sector of NYC. The work explores their  duality identity - living between Bulgaria and America and a life as a single man.  The images are existential and psychological approach of the subject.

Work from the 'Mentors' show on Daily Candy  

'Mentors' show curated by Stephan Frailey, School of Visual Arts at the Visual Arts Gallery

School of Visual Arts

School of Visual Arts

My updated website - 2 weeks after my graduation from the School of Visual Arts :)