Friday, September 24, 2010

Film Stills and 'Frankie'

'Frankie': a short story about a watch repair man who discovers a time travel device and attempts to use it to his advantage- to essentially cheat time. The film tone and aesthetic are similar to the original 'Twilight Zone' and Film Noir of the 40s and 50s. 

 Director  Mike Pappa
 Ean Sheehy as Frankie
Assistant Director Kate Pappa 
Producers Nick Basile and Elias Ganster
Director of Photography  Anthony DeRose
Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe Photography Donna Marie DeLia
Script Supervisor Brian Ronaghan
Still Photographer Stanislava Georgieva

     When Kate Pappa e-mailed me if I am available to shoot the stills for the short film 'Frankie' I was more than trilled by the offer. Movies have always been my inspiration. My personal work is completely  influenced by the way stories are told and captured in motion picture.
As a visual artist my  intend is to capture  a moment as an outsider of the specific situation.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Retrospective solo show represented by WIN-Initiative

Stanislava Georgieva is represented by the botique stock agency WIN-Initiative. The age
ncy promotes new talents every month through giving them the opportunity to exhibit work at the agency gallery space in Soho, New York. Stanislava is curating the show herself. The show is retrospective of her work that she has been producing in the last two years. The show includes work from 3 projects that involve mostly the subject of sex and the way sex as a gender plays its role in everyday life. Mainly she puts a lot of attention on the everyday life of the 'immigrant', the one with unknown identity. The titles of the projects are 'Nomads', 'My Unfamiliar Face To You' and 'Theaters of Prey: strip clubs in America'.